FloraSeptic Wound Gel front and back. Back of tube placed side-by-side with wound ruler to show actual size.

Effectiveness of Hydrogel

FloraSeptic Hydrogel as a wound dressing.

Hydrogel is a type of wound dressing that has been used for many years in the medical field to treat a variety of wounds. Traditional hydrogels are water-based materials made up of various compositions, including but not limited to linear polymers, spheroids, and water. One of the newest hydrogels on the market today is FloraSeptic. FloraSeptic® is quickly advancing as a more popular option in the wound care industry with its favorable cost and effective results.

FloraSeptic offers a compelling choice for promoting wound healing, helping maintain wound pH in a desirable range, reducing the risk of dehydration, and supporting antimicrobial protection while wounds heal. These are essential components for a successful recovery from injuries, making it an ideal dressing for most wounds and some that may need additional help to promote healing.

FloraSeptic Wound Gel is beneficial in wound care because it is easy to apply and requires no special tools or equipment. FloraSeptic Hydrogel helps to create a barrier between the wound and the environment, and this helps to keep the wound clean and free of bacteria, which can help to reduce the risk of infection. FloraSeptic is the ideal choice for wound care in various settings, from hospitals to nursing homes and home care.

FloraSeptic is intended for use in clinical environments and home care to facilitate the cleansing of debris, exudate, and organic material, including micro-organisms from wounds such as pressure sores, diabetic foot ulcers, post-surgical wounds, and burns.

In addition to promoting healing, FloraSeptic Wound Gel is favorable in wound care because it is inexpensive and has no known side effects. FloraSeptic Wound Gel promotes healing and is affordable for those on a tight budget with potential hard-to-heal wounds.

Overall, FloraSeptic Wound Hydrogel is an effective and affordable option for wound care. These qualities make it an optimal choice for those who need to treat a variety of wounds. Now that you’ve read this article, we encourage you to explore the before and after comparison healing pictures of FloraSeptic results. 

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