Skin and Wound Healing with use of FloraSeptic.

FloraSeptic® offers safe and non-irritating antimicrobial wound protection that has broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties. Its unique, patented formulation resolves pathogenic flora and helps to decolonize the wound. It’s registered with the FDA as an over-the-counter (OTC) human drug. FloraSeptic Hydrogel protects skin and supports the healing of pressure sores, diabetic ulcers, scrapes, burns, wounds, minor cuts, cracked skin and lips.

These photos show actual before and after volunteered results by patients and physicians who used FloraSeptic. All patient healing photos have a unique slider to show the before and after wound healing. The patient photos are not retouched and show actual healing progress. Patient photos represent the results of everyone who followed FloraSeptic application instructions.

Patient photo of the pressure ulcer healing, after use of Floraseptic. This wound was healing significantly with use of Floraseptic. Before and after pictures were taken within 4-days of each other.PressureUlcerDay1
Joint Replacement_9.25.22(small)Joint Replacement_8.29.22(small)
Healing incision after abscess removal. Floraseptic applied to this wound showed increased healing progress.10.20.22_Removal
File Jun 15, 8 14 24 AM060317
March 7 Healing Photo of Leg AbrasionPatient Abrasion Wound. First Application of FloraSeptic on Abrasion Wound.
CO2 Laser Week One_Patient 1CO2 Laser Day One_Patient_1
Day Five FloraSeptic Healing Post Mohs SurgeryDay One Post Mohs Surgery
image000001 2image000000
1 Hour Post_IMG_6797Right after FS was applied_IMG_6719
Amazing wound healing after applying FloraSepticPost-op mohs surgery wound
Sept 6August 23
Post Surgical healing wound care after FloraSeptic applied directly to the pin site. Patient healing wound.Patient photo after surgery. Close up of external fixator pin site and surgical incision.
Healing After FloraSepticWound Prior to FloraSeptic
Patient submitted healing photo of burn, after using FloraSeptic to treat this wound.Patient submitted before photo of ankle after gas explosion caused major burns. Floraseptic was applied directly to the site under wound dressing.

Ask your doctor or health care provider about FloraSeptic® for follow-up care on all wounds to keep them clean and healing faster.

Front of FloraSeptic Wound Gel Tube

First Aid: Upgrade your first aid for cuts, burns and abrasions – at home, at work or on the go.

Post-surgical Care: Ask your doctor or health care facility about FloraSeptic® for follow-up care of surgical incisions to keep them clean and healing faster.

Pressure Sores: Helps overcome obstacles to healing caused by infection, alkaline pH, poor circulation, and desiccation.

Diabetic Ulcers: Promotes healing while helping to fight infection and create optimal wound environment.


FloraSeptic is a safe and non-irritating wound gel that has broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties.

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