Doctor or Nurse performing wound dressing on hand. Common wound dressing being used to cover wound with gauze.

Common Wounds

Wounds are injuries to the skin or epidermis. There are many types of wounds, in this post we will discuss the four most common types.

Acute, Chronic, Open and Closed.

Most people will experience some wound, injury, or medical procedure to their skin throughout life. Wounds can come in many forms, from minor scrapes to deep skin ulcers.

The four most common types of wounds are acute, chronic, open, and closed.  Knowing the difference between these wound injuries can help you better understand how to care for them.

Acute wounds are sudden and usually caused by trauma or injury. Acute wounds include minor cuts, lacerations, puncture wounds, and small abrasions. These wounds tend to heal quickly and generally require easy at-home first-aid treatment.

Chronic wounds have been present for an extended period and do not heal quickly. Some chronic wounds can last from weeks to months or even years. They may be caused by underlying medical conditions such as infection, diabetes, poor circulation, or immune system disorders, and these wounds require medical treatment and specialized wound care.

Open wounds have broken the skin and are exposed to the environment; they are prone to infection and require immediate medical attention. Examples of open wounds include deep cuts, burns, avulsions, gunshot wounds, and animal bites.

Closed wounds are not exposed to the environment and have not broken the skin. These can include bruises, sprains, strains, and fractures. These wounds usually require rest and may need medical attention to ensure proper healing.

Knowing how to spot the signs of infected wounds can help you better understand how to care for them. Acute injuries generally require essential first-aid treatment, while chronic wounds may require specialized care. Open wounds require immediate medical attention, while closed wounds usually require monitoring and rest. Understanding the differences between these common types of wounds can help prevent the risk of infection or further complications. We recommend FloraSeptic Wound Gel for all kinds of wounds to promote healing.