Scientist in lab holding with petri dish. Antimicrobial testing.

FloraSeptic Efficacy

FloraSeptic Wound Gel is intended for use in clinical environments and at-home patient or self care. TEM-PCR on file. The unique botanical blend of FloraSeptic offers a compelling choice for promoting wound healing, helping maintain wound pH in a desirable range, reducing the risk of dehydration, and supporting antimicrobial protection while wounds heal. These are essential components for a successful recovery from injuries, making it an ideal dressing for most wounds and some that may need additional help to promote healing.


Several studies have examined the dangers and potential life-threatening complications that Group B Streptococcus (B-Strep) can cause on people of all ages, especially newborns. FloraSeptic® showed antimicrobial efficacy against all tested Group B-Streptococcus strains in scientific tests.

FloraSeptic Efficacy against B-Strep


FloraSeptic® showed antimicrobial activity against all tested Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus (VRE) strains. FloraSeptic® is the ideal option to prevent infection and to promote healing while treating patients. In 2019 VRE bacteria was listed by CDC as one of the biggest threats across the United States.

FloraSeptic Efficacy against VRE


The CDC notes, on its website, that anyone can get Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). Because of multi-drug resistance, MRSA bacteria are responsible for substantial hospital morbidity and mortality. FloraSeptic® showed antimicrobial activity against all tested strains of MRSA.

FloraSeptic Efficacy against MRSA

In antimicrobial tests, FloraSeptic showed efficacy against (36) standard and highly virulent strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including the above mentioned MRSA, VRE, and B-Strep.